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The Story of Desmond Leong

Desmond is your common dealer. He commenced off blowing up 7 (or more, I’ve lost rely) accounts amounting to more than 500k, tested over 30 Expert Advisors (EAs) to no fulfillment and spent over 10k on silly vain guides.

Today he runs an award prevailing buying and selling team and gives market analysis to some of the most important agents including IC Markets, XM, Axi, Tickmill, FXCM, VantageFX, easyMarkets and more.

He now has a easy goal: Creating an army of buyers who change profitably collectively and hold each other accountable. Guiding them with the most complete no-BS unfastened tutorials so that no one ever needs to go through the ache he went thru himself to end up a worthwhile dealer.

Here is how I became from blowing up 7 accounts to finally being a worthwhile dealer. Learn some of these and also you’re true to go (no I don’t offer training, sorry):

Finance strategies

Finally, a multi-time-frame dynamic guide and resistance indicator that facilitates you robotically become aware of robust zones to shop for and sell from.

Finance strategies

Support and Resistance Trading Strategy

A right manual to knowledge the way to change aid & resistance profitably. Crafted with the aid of a crew of CMT, CFTe & CFA licensed buyers.

Trading only based on support and resistance can be a totally profitable strategy – but simplest in case you do it efficiently. I am a complete-time dealer strolling an award prevailing research firm, supplying analysis for the biggest banks and agents in the global. My personal buying and selling approach (on top of aid and resistance) entails the usage of Advanced Fibonacci Retracements, Candlestick Patterns (sincerely crucial), True RSI and proper change control. Below is a quick video I changed into featured in showing the day in my existence as a trader.

Before you could even begin to alternate support and resistance, you want to apprehend the way to interpret it and most importantly, the way to clear out the best zones from the choices terrible zones. Notice I say zones right here and not degrees. Because aid and resistance works inside the shape of zones (areas), now not specific stages.

Today we are able to be overlaying a few things, particularly, to prepare you to not only use this guide and resistance indicator but also to make appropriate cash trading it.

At the end of this subject matter, you need to be properly in your way to making seriously exact cash the use of assist and resistance to alternate.

Here’s a simple Table of Content list so that you know what we will be protecting today (it’s loads lol)

Do you have a video explaining the whole lot?

Sure! Watch this video as I move into how I use support and resistance in my buying and selling approach.

In this video below, I proportion about how I use assist and resistance in my buying and selling approach. This simple method has helped me alternate complete-time profitably. Well, it’s simple but hard to master. It requires a aggregate of support and resistance, Fibonacci retracements, Fibonacci extensions, True RSI and right trade management.

Support and resistance simplified

Back to basics my friend.

Let us first nicely define what Support and Resistance stages are earlier than transferring similarly (to avoid any confusion).

Resistance = any stage that is above charge.

Support = any stage this is underneath fee.

Support and resistance degrees are basically key ranges a person ought to watch out for because previous rate action among the choices bulls and bears have given us a key signal into the significance of these stages. See rate failing to break above this resistance line for the beyond 3 times? That’s absolutely a sturdy stage to take note of.

If you spot rate failing to interrupt beneath this horizontal guide line more than one times, it’s far a robust level to take note of too. One of the choices maximum common questions we’re asked is the way to determine resistance and aid lines – mainly which ones are the most vital on account that based on how we draw them, almost every stage can be an crucial level.

Diagonal vs Horizontal

Which is greater correct?

Quite truly placed, there are many approaches to draw aid and resistance strains, but just a few accurate approaches to achieve this.

What makes the choices TFA Support and Resistance Indicator special?

Versus the other a hundred indicators accessible.

What makes this assist vs resistance indicator exceptional from all the masses others out there may be that it filters out plenty of the susceptible degrees and on pinnacle of that, it doesn’t most effective locate aid and resistance ranges, but as an alternative greater importantly, locate guide and resistance areas. Now, this isn’t some “call for/deliver region” indicator which many human beings are acquainted with, it’s manner better than that.

Using areas (rather than lines) gives us a miles better concept on which tiers to look at out for. After years of trying out, the choices most crucial help and resistance stages can be broken down into these 3 :

These are tiers where price just reacts and bounces off more than one times. The greater times rate reacts off those degrees, the choices more potent they may be. Here’s a picture of ways swing highs appear like :

Pullbacks occur when a swing high/low has been damaged – then price makes a “pullback” to the stage. In the choices photo beneath, you may see that after our swing high resistance is damaged, it turns into an “overlap assist”.

An overlap aid/resistance can best arise whilst charge has broken a swing excessive/low and made a pullback to the choices pullback guide/resistance. Only after price has bounced off our pullback assist/resistance, then it becomes an overlap assist/resistance. You can further seek advice from the photograph above to higher understand.

Video of our help and resistance indicator in action

Watch me as I provide an explanation for a way to use this effective tool in my own buying and selling.

Explaining Resistance

Learn how to perceive resistance zones with our help and resistance indicator

Remember : Resistance is continually above rate. Support is constantly underneath fee.

We will now take a look at how our Support and Resistance indicator for MT4 identifies the choices 3 main types of guide/resistance as cited above : swing high, pullback and overlap.

Finding swing excessive resistance on our MT4 Support & Resistance Indicator :

This is honestly truthful. We don’t simply pick out any swing high, we select the choices primary swing excessive. How we define primary swing highs right here is primarily based on the choices parameter we are able to modify known as “Swing sensitivity“. The higher this price, the greater massive our swing highs are.

This photo underneath is while we’ve got a swing sensitivity of 100. This way we best pick out swing highs in which there are extra than 100 bars to the left and right of the choices most important high. Notice there are alternatives only some principal strains?

If we adjusted our swing sensitivity to something like 30, this will result in lots extra weaker strains appearing. This could mean there are numerous susceptible swing highs.

Combining swing highs to create sturdy regions of resistance

Now, when extra than 1 swing excessive combines, it turns into a strong degree of resistance. This is proven by a highlighted vicinity on the chart with our MT4 indicator.

What our MT4 Support and Resistance indicator does is that it intelligently scans the whole chart for such tiers and if they are near enough, they’re blended to form a swing excessive resistance area.

Finding pullback Resistance on our MT4 Support & Resistance Indicator

Now that we have covered how swing high resistance looks as if, permit’s look at the next strongest resistance: the pullback resistance.

Pullback resistance is fashioned when a swing low is broken and rate makes a “pullback” to that previous level. In the example under, we will see that charge broke a swing low resistance turning it into a pullback resistance.

Finding Overlap Resistance on our MT4 Support & Resistance Indicator

Once we’ve located a pullback resistance, it is essential to hold an eye fixed on this level. Because as soon as rate reverses off it, it turns into an overlap resistance.

Pullback resistance becomes a sturdy graphical overlap resistance if charge reverses off it. This indicates that there are extra bears than bulls at this key choice point.

Trial version works on AUDUSD, USDJPY and GBPUSD

Explaining Support

Swing low assist, pullback guide and overlap assist

Remember, as I noted earlier, the Support is usually below contemporary price. Resistance is above rate, aid is under price. Do now not confuse the two.

Finding Swing Low Support with our MT4 Support and Resistance Indicator

We talked about “swing sensitivity” in advance. This is essentially the choices number of bars to the choices left/proper that makes up a chief swing low. The better this variety, the more potent the choices guide.

Below is a simple instance of a swing low aid (inexperienced line) with swing sensitivity of 20. You will right away observe that there aren’t many traces which might be drawn on the chart as we filter a lot of the choices noise with a first rate swing sensitivity quantity.

Combining multiple swing lows to create strong areas of support

The key to locating robust areas of assist is to mix a couple of swing low degrees collectively. Now, this isn’t always one genuine stage. This may be very frequently an area. Our indicator scans the past and gift to find whether or not there have been other big swing low assist degrees that occured near that region. If there is, it highlights the choices area on the chart.

When extra than 1 swing low combine, it becomes a more potent level of help.

Finding Pullback Support with our Support and Resistance Indicator

On top of finding swing low guide areas, any other actually robust sign of help is what we call the pullback help.

This is while a preceding swing excessive is converted right into a support because charge had broken above it and is now dropping to check it once more.

In the choices image underneath, you could see how this works out.

How to locate Overlap Support with our Support and Resistance Indicator

This pullback guide becomes a strong overlap assist if rate bounces off it the first actual time it touches it. This shows that there are alternatives greater bulls than bears at this key choice point.

Support and resistance indicator settings

How to tweak and optimize it.

If you haven’t watched the choices video I noted above, I extraordinarily advise looking this video to apprehend how I would use the Support and Resistance indicator before we pass any in addition into expertise how to tweak and regulate its settings.

There are a few settings that you need to apprehend about this indicator to better assist you use it correctly.

The multi-time body selector allows you to set off unique assist/resistance traces from different time frames to be viewed in your chart. In the photo below, you can see that even though I am on my H1 chart, I can set off the choices H4 assist/resistance tiers to peer if there are any ranges on the better time frame I might have missed out on. This resulted in a huge swing excessive I may have missed being proven.

SwingSensitivity : This is how many bars you’ll need on the left/right of a excessive/low to create a swing high/low. This approach that as an example, if you have 20 as this price, then the swing excessive might require 20 bars to the choices left and to the proper of it to be lower than it to create the swing excessive point. The better this price, the choices stronger the swing highs/lows you become aware of.

InitialPips :What the choices indicator does is it takes those swing highs/lows and plots a line to locate whether it coincides with other swing highs/lows. The InitialPips fee is the ‘buffer’ it makes use of to stumble on whether every other swing high/low is near it. A value of 5 could suggest it scans 5 pips above and underneath the first swing high/low for some other swing high/low to reach it. The key idea right here is to discover areas in which multiple swing high/lows coincide.

1 min chart : 15 min chart : 315 min chart : 530 min chart : 71 hr chart : 104 hr chart : 30

This isn’t a hard and fast rule, alternatively, the principle idea is to provide extra scanning area for overlaps as the time-frame goes bigger.

FurtherPips :Once the second one swing high/low is reached, the indicator will use this new resistance/help location and do a changed test based totally on FurtherPips. This works the choices equal manner as InitialPips.

1 min chart : 15 min chart : 315 min chart : 930 min chart : 151 hr chart : 254 hr chart : 50

This isn’t a tough and fast rule, as a substitute, the primary idea is to offer more scanning place for overlaps as the time frame goes bigger.

BrokenCount :This value scans how frequently the particular aid/resistance recognized has been broken. The greater times a assist/resistance stage is damaged, the weaker it’s miles. A price of 0 approach that the stage may be broken handiest as soon as. If it’s miles damaged a second time, it disappears.

BrokenBars :This is the range of bars that have to be closed underneath the choices help/resistance level for it to be taken into consideration genuinely damaged (links with BrokenCount above). The purpose for that is occasionally fee tests those aid/resistance stages and bounces back (like a doji). This genuinely way the choices aid/resistance stage is more potent and this type of filter out permits us to save you such charge motion from tricking us.

I favor to hold this at approximately 3 throughout all time frames.

ToggleStrength :This toggles the thin lines with handiest one swing high/low and the thicker traces with at the least 2 swing excessive/lows related. This enables you select out which are right now the stronger ranges to observe out for.

Here’s an picture without the ToggleStrength. Notice how there are numerous more strains that have just 1 swing high/low on it. These are pointed out by means of the choices green arrows.

Trial version works on AUDUSD, USDJPY and GBPUSD

How do i Install this?

It’s as simple as 1, 2, three!

The TFA Support and Resistance Indicator.ex4 need to be located to your “indicator” folder. To do this, open MT4 > File > Open Data Folder

The next aspect you need to do is to allow your MT4 to permit expert advisors. On the choices pinnacle of your MT4, there is a button referred to as “AutoTrading”. Ensure that it’s miles inexperienced and not red with the aid of clicking on it.

This won’t make the indicator trade for you – it’s there because there’s some licensing safety on this indicator.

Once you’re achieved with all that, you have to enable “chart shift” so that the choices TFA aid and resistance indicator has some space to operate and show you its tiers.

To try this, press F8 > Common > make sure “chart shift” is checked as seen within the image beneath.

Once you allow “chart shift”, this nudges your chart to the choices left giving you a few area on the right for the support and resistance indicator to expose the levels and the time frame which the stages are coming from.

You can alter how tons area you want on the right by means of sliding the little arrow left/proper as visible in the photograph beneath.

Good exchange management to enhance your profitability

A top approach is not anything without right exchange control.

Now which you have learnt how to change the use of guide and resistance in conjunction with five approaches on the way to greatly improve its accuracy, I recommend you read up on the way to manipulate your change to turn your self into a profitable dealer. This topic will cover:

Increasing the choices energy of the choices aid and resistance indicator

Here are a few methods we greatly enhance the accuracy and profitability of this approach.

Now which you have identified a support/resistance location, the following issue to do is to feature in other factors to look how robust it’s far. We like to use a holistic approach to assessing the choices power of a assist/resistance level. Horizontal guide and resistance are graphical.

There are 5 other matters you can add that can’t best add exceptional dimensions to assessing the choices energy of these stages, however also greatly improve the choices possibility of fee reacting off those tiers you’ve got diagnosed :

Using Fibonacci to enhance your accuracy

Fibonacci retracements and extensions are the key

Firstly, you could greatly enhance the accuracy and profitability of your support and resistance buying and selling method via the use of Fibonacci.

You can use the choices main detail of Fibonacci Retracements and determine whether the aid and resistance levels recognized coincides with a key fibonacci retracement stage. If it does, that increases its energy. The key stages to observe out for are 23.6%, 38.2%, 50%, sixty one.eight%, seventy eight.6%, 127% and 161.eight%.

I relatively propose studying our manual on a way to draw Fibonacci retracements effectively to higher apprehend and utilize this magical device.

Here’s an instance of a key guide degree on AUDNZD lining up properly with the choices 50% Fibonacci retracement stage :

True RSI to improve your accuracy

Using the MT4 True RSI Indicator

So another way to improve the choices energy of a guide/resistance stage is to feature in the oscillator detail via making use of the many effective approaches to study the Relative Strength Index (RSI). We have an amazing RSI Trading Strategy that once mixed with Support & Resistance, proves to be a absolutely profitably trading strategy.

Our proprietary MT4 True RSI Indicator achieves this definitely nicely by figuring out the robust tiers wherein rate has traditionally bounced off. Here’s a photograph of it in movement:

True Stochastic to improve your accuracy

Using the MT4 True Stochastic Indicator

This technique is learnt when I turned into advising the choices trading desks of the largest banks and establishments. Really interesting and powerful!

You are capable of substantially improve your accuracy while buying and selling with Support and Resistance by using combining it together with our proprietary MT4 True Stochastic Indicator.

The trick is to find the choices hidden/true stochastic assist level and spot how it tallies with the guide level you discovered (vice versa for resistance). Below is an example of how this looks like and how it labored out perfectly.

Using Correlation to enhance your accuracy

Correlation is like combining multiple pieces of the choices jigsaw puzzle together to get a clearer photo of what the market is telling you.

You can use correlation between forex pairs to significantly enhance your buying and selling accuracy, in particular with support and resistance.

The trick here is knowing which forex pairs are strongly undoubtedly or negatively correlated with each different.

For instance, EUR/USD is strongly negatively correlated with USD/CHF. This means that when EUR/USD is going up, USD/CHF goes down.

Now, how are we able to use this information to trade better? Well, if we see a chief aid degree (underneath cutting-edge fee) on EUR/USD, what does that mean we need to see on USD/CHF? If you guessed a chief resistance stage (above cutting-edge fee), you’re proper?

The common sense in the back of that is if EUR/USD is going to bounce, then USD/CHF have to further drop considering the fact that they flow in contrary instructions.

Below are examples of ways you can use correlation to improve the accuracy of your help and resistance levels.

Using Price motion to enhance your accuracy

Price motion tells you what is going on at the exact moment and is critical for assisting you decide whether the choices aid or resistance degree goes to hold.

The magic in rate movement (with Japanese candlesticks) is that it tells you precisely what is occurring in the intervening time and from there, you can tell if the choices support or resistance degree goes to keep.

I suggest you examine our outstanding in-intensity article on our candlestick sample indicator together with what is going into calculating an appropriate bullish and bearish reversal patterns.

What this indicates is that on occasion, it looks like the guide level is not going to preserve (looks as if it’s far going to get broken). Price would possibly have reached it and broke thru it – at this point, you’ll be forgiven to assume that the assist degree you located isn’t operating.

However, earlier than the choices bar is finished, you notice that rate bureaucracy a bullish hammer candlestick sample. This is a completely sturdy price motion sign of a bullish leap that could be happening,

So, what happens on your guide level now? Previously, you idea it become going to be damaged because of how charge just broke beyond it. However, due to the latest charge action formation, you instead have accelerated confidence that your support stage is strong and you could play a soar from here.

Trial version works on AUDUSD, USDJPY and GBPUSD

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