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The Pirate One EA trades during small market volatility, after the choices cease of our session, tracking the price tiers on numerous indicators. After that, it opens positions and video display units them until they’re closed with a income or, if possible, with a small loss.

It does now not use the martingale method, averaging positions, waiting for loss, and so forth. Positions may be opened with constant TakeProfit and digital. It is possible to use a dynamic lot to growth the choices extent of positions with a success trading.

The length of Risk, TakeProfit, and Stoploss, simplest for common testing, for every currency pair to pick out one after the other!.

Min Deposit of five$Allow Cent AcountLevergae up to 1:888

Min Deposit of 20$Allow USA TradersLevergae up to 1:500


Input Parameters

If true and the position isn’t closed by means of TP for a long term, the professional Advisor decides a way to close it. If false, positions are closed simplest via TP and SL.

Pirate One v1.2 Pirate One v1.6

can this be used on live account

it works on live money owed nevertheless, propose trying out on a demo account for some days at least.

Will it expire after some time?

What the Fuck!! 🙂 oyeah!

It’s Didn’t Open Any Trade In Demo Account ! It is Really Work ???

didn’t work in demo account, does this paintings on real account ???

dude this bot is insane wtf.

what do u imply

What do u imply with the aid of its insane.. is the choices E.A top or bad??

insane is superb.

you the use of default placing?

yes, i just change the lot length based totally on how an awful lot money i have.

how do you decide the lot length? how you calculate lot length in step with the choices cash you have got.

you on stay wit it bro? If so how has it been

this doesnt take orders, it indicates no errors on why isn’t taking orders. on live and demo. simplest works in again test.

you need to change begin hour to one and end hour to 0

once I exchange the Hour to at least one and end hour to 0 it losses , please help

It’s the other. Start time is zero. End is 1.

i notion begin hour is default 0?

start with 0 and give up with 1…

the choices bot handiest runs one hour every night… it reduces the chance

that’s why the choices bot works… in case you increase the hours, it’s going to blow your account…

Is there a risk to update it? It’s a truly exact EA

Hey guys. I want my lotto be zero.01 and now not change in any respect but although i positioned that in lot size it opens order with larger and exclusive lot . How do i do so that i’ve zero.01 as fixed lot. thank you all.

You should trade your chance %. Change it to at least one% and look what occurs.

how to change threat %?

Have a person examined it on stay account?

The pirate one ea to me it says no longer accredited

This bot does not open prevent loss and take profit although I installation SL 30, TP 20

It does TP and SL honestly.

are we able to begin with a a hundred$ account?

I began with simply 2 hundred and made $48 in 7 hours at zero.01 no longer horrific for simply doing nothing simply letting it do what it wishes to. simply reflect onconsideration on how a great deal it may make with a bigger lot length

Hi, which pair did you observe it on because I actually have attempted those distinctive however a few weren’t that first-rate.

How did you even begin it? It doesn’t take any trades when I run it.

for me trades aren’t even openning

It will by no means make a trade.. The Spread could be very high for the duration of this time its round a hundred

any set or setting?

I tested from 2 days in demo Ecn account : first day forty% , second day 0 . Is everyday if doesn’t open any trade during day ?

ought to you assist me, the choices bot isn’t taking orders on demo account ?

Can this paintings on a widespread account too? Or it has to be ECN?

it suggests a gray container subsequent to the choices ea in the ea list while i searched there’s .mql4 is lacking, everybody may want to help

Anyone has the new edition od Pirate ea Its demo version is as connected Thanks

Is it for ECN handiest am i able to use in in micro account thanks sir

any one answer me please

It can paintings on micro account

Good in backtest. But at some stage in the time this robotic makes trades, brokers make the choices unfold very high. Which is why robotic will locate it hard to make a profit.

This is why many robots that have Asian consultation method fail.

Can it nevertheless work on actual bills?

zero hour to one hour confer with which time exactly? GMT 0 (London time)? Because if the choices broker is at 1 hour before GMT or 1 hour after GMT it make a difference and we want to regulate time to start in outcome. Backtest will change via default GMT 0. So we need to apply proper GMT time offset I assume. Because start zero are in truth nighttime and forestall are 1 AM in London. Here in New-York time we’ve 5 hour distinction with GMT zero and we see spread get wider, a lot wider at five PM until 6 PM Est time that is 10 PM to eleven PM in London. And 2 hour after it’s midnight in London and spread get back to everyday usually at that moment. So my conclusion is that spread ought to not be a trouble as some distance you adjust your broking time to suit with middle of the night in London and forestall one hour after. To switch begin to 1 hour and near 0 result may be that EA change nearly all day lengthy (23 hours) which is not the choices based totally strategy, be carefull. I think it require ECN or Pro account in which broking price commission with low unfold. In my case I’m with FXChoice Pro account.

I almost forgot to inform. Apparently that EA require to be secure a news filter out. You need to permit WebRequest : Tools/Options/ExpertAdvisor and upload that following web URL.,exc_importance&significance=1,2,three&calType=week&timeZone=15&lang=1

It’s essential in any other case you may get a massive drawdown at principal information event.

Hello thanks for the entirety. How does it work ? Once i brought the internet URL it will auto detect the information effect? Is it viable to set the choices most stage of news effect to trade and stop trading ?

Oblivian for the education on the way to use the EA. But i’m using FXchoice Pro such as you I believe, so I actually have the NY time so what must I placed? zero-1? Is it think to change every day? The time body is it according to your broker or you time region? Thanks plenty.

Sorry guys, EA calculate the GMT offset by it’s own. Just need to spark off Panel at proper to see it on chart. BTW I have check it at the choices open of asian consultation and made a terrific change with it. It’s simply to verify that it’s operating. But I didn’t got my version from right here. I don’t realize if version you get in this website working. But I discovered a hassle. EA do no longer admire StopLoss fee and may stay on one alternate function for too lengthy causing a massive drawdown. It’s maybe simply because that news filter not working on backtest situation. But it nonetheless stay an awesome EA even with that. I sincerely attempt to find a approach to restoration this drawdown.

Ho I see… The draw down are in reality the distance on December 30th and Jannuary 3th. So just don’t exchange while the vacations. Usefull to recognise.

hi, what version are you the usage of? here is my email: [email protected]

the way to regulate the stoploss

Work for backtest. No order for real account. Help me please.

It best trades 1 hour a day.

It will no longer exchange… the spread is simply too excessive on its buying and selling hours

I adjusted EA, that it would start trading eleven.45pm and give up 01.15am. So it gives 30 minute window, in which spread is regular. But ensure now not to place too small SL or unfold from 00.00 will hit it (default SL is excellent). Still testing it on demo, however it seems very promising up to now. Timeframe eleven.45pm-00.00am appears even higher than 01.00am-01.15am…

Hi Invention, how is your checking out to date? What is the preferred time-frame for this EA?

Are we searching at eleven:45pm to 01:15am? 11:30pm to 01:00am? 12:00am to 01:30am?

May I understand your examined result?

Can all people proportion your putting screenshot in real account? Mine works on EU-TF15m with cents account. i most effective deposit 50USD. How approximately different pairs? Pls percentage here.

Is this will be use on cent account?


What is your set file?

certainly. It misplaced four hundred on a 2000 EUR demo account in three days.


When my EA opens loads it shows a SL but it doesn’t display a TP. Is this regular for most EAs? I’ve visible this manifest before.

Work on backtest. No order on actual account. Help me please.

what a crappy EA, it handiest loses money.

Any risk you may crack Ranger EA?

“Automated buying and selling is illegal inside the application homes”

This suggest EA changed into patched, so can’t use it ??

me too can you assist me? this is amazing ea if open role on actual account

Robotu denedim. Saat 00.00-01.00 arasında lower back check sonuçları karlı gözüküyor. Diğer saat dilimlerinde zarar ediyor. 00.00-01.00 arası spread oranları çok yüksek olduğu için muhtemelen gerçek hesapta güzel sonuçlar vermeyecektir.

I am testing this EA. Following is the result of the first week in their respective currencies.

Admin, thanks for the hardwork, viable to crack this megastorm? exchange-robots-for-automated-buying and selling/#evaluations

Megastorm is crap. I used it for one nearly 12 months. It made income in balance handiest, but fairness was always on the choices equal preliminary degree or even lower, because of developing DD. Finally I stopped it, because I didn’t see any real income. I started out from 1000USD. It made 4650USD stability and 800USD equity. So, no income in any respect. And, of course, it didn’t handed march 2020.

Shitty EA. I lost all my funds. large drawdown. The stability will preserve multiplying. But fairness might be at a loss.

can absolutely everyone is aware of why all EA isn’t taking order ? i have attempted alot of them and all cracked EA doing the choices same

After try, now not advocated this, the choices small profit can’t cowl the choices loss, one stop loss want a eight-9 tp to recover.

no ea allways win,

why do you assert that?

Hello how i can download this EA?? I dont see any button to down it, Thanks

there’s no download button

Try to down load it on your cellphone there are alternatives 2 hyperlinks each for v1.6 and 1.2. V1.6 works better after which just send yourself the choices documents on e mail and set them up for your pc

Cant make it paintings on actual. It doesnt take any trades. It works excellent on demo

its now not working. handiest works on demo. Worthless..

what do you mean by “demo”? “demo account” or “approach tester”?

Where am i able to locate the down load link? There isn’t any link posted on the topic. thanks!

Someone has the mq4 code of this ?


Trading Leveraged Products like the Forex market and Derivatives may not be appropriate for all buyers as they convey a high diploma of risk on your capital. Please make sure that you fully apprehend the risks worried, considering your investment targets and degree of enjoy, before trading, and if necessary, are seeking for independent advice. Please read the choices whole Risk Disclosure.