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Adding symbols to a Word or Excel document can lend sturdy visible cues that text definitely can’t replicate. Use these 5 easy methods to feature essential symbols on your work.

Symbols, or icons, are everywhere, from menus to criminal files–they may be even in regular documents now. They add functionality in a visible manner, and fortuitously, they may be smooth to insert. In this article, I’ll illustrate how clean it’s far to feature those visual tools to a file by way of including checkmarks to a easy to-do listing.

I’m the use of Word and Excel 2016 (computer) on a Windows 10 sixty four-bit system. Although I’m the usage of the choices checkmark man or woman in my instance, Office has a complete library of symbols that you will upload the same way. In addition, I’m running with Word and Excel, however symbols are to be had in most Office apps. We’ll paintings with the choices image characters particularly; we won’t use content material, legacy, or ActiveX controls. Click right here to down load the choices sample documents for this newsletter.

1. Basic how-to

You can also already be familiar with getting into symbols. It’s smooth and maximum users learn how to do that early on:

Word treats this man or woman like another textual individual. You can increase or reduce the checkmark’s length via changing the font length. You also can alternate its colour. This method is to be had in Excel and maximum other Office apps.

2. Bullet library

Symbols are every now and then available in the bullet library, however Word will deal with the choices resulting individual and its textual content object as a bulleted list–that would matter, it might not, and it might add behaviors you may make the most. (You won’t use this technique in Excel.) To use this direction, position your cursor in which you need to insert the choices symbol (bullet) after which click the Bullets dropdown (within the Paragraph group). Select the symbol from both the choices currently used offerings or the bullet library, as proven in Figure C. As you could see in Figure D, Word robotically indents the item because it really is the choices default placing (you may alternate this setting) for a bulleted list.

For a quick indent restoration, show the ruler (on the choices View tab) and drag the choices left indent for that object to the choices left margin. However, this is not something you’ll want to do whenever you take a look at an item off your list! If you need a everlasting restoration, study How to control spacing and alignment in a numbered listing in Microsoft Word.

Not all symbols are inside the library, however you can without problems upload maximum, as follows:

At this point, you have got one object that Word treats as a regular person–the only within the first list. The following objects, Word is treating as a bulleted list. I’m not suggesting you blend and suit; it’s a contrived example and I’m showing you the way to use the choices capabilities to be had. I’m no longer illustrating the way to create a useable to-do list. So, don’t ley the choices discrepancies trouble you. However, it is smooth to overlook you are using bullets, and might purpose a chunk of frustration when the choices list would not reply to other duties the choices manner you anticipate.

Once you have got the symbol to your report, you could avoid the choices interface course and virtually paste the present image. Select it, press Ctrl+c, role your cursor wherein you want the new symbol and press Ctrl+v. It’s that easy. You can use this technique in any Office app.

four. Alt key

My least favorite way to enter a symbol is to use the Alt shortcut because you want to know the choices symbol’s character code and then you definately should layout the choices mobile–it’s too much work. However, it’s a useful solution in case you need to enter a image that you cannot find in Word’s symbol library. To use this technique, do the following:

Similar to the choices image in #1, you can exchange font houses for this checkmark. You can use this technique in any Office app.

The first four strategies will paintings in addition in maximum Office apps, consisting of Excel. Let’s transfer gears a chunk to see how you can use a components in Excel. Now, with our easy instance, this technique would be overkill, however it is a good approach to know simply the choices identical. Unlike Word, it takes a chunk of setup, but with all the pieces in location, it works without any extra effort to your element.

We’ll illustrate this approach using the equal simple list (Figure G). The first step is to use the Wingding font to the choices checkmark column (Complete) as follows. Select B3:B7 and pick out Wingdings from the choices Font dropdown. Next, input the subsequent formulation in B3 and then copy it to the closing records set (column B):

Now you’re prepared to use the listing. Simply input a finishing touch date in column D and watch Excel robotically show a checkmark, as proven in Figure G.

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