1 minute forex trading strategy

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1 minute forex trading

The 1 minute forex news trading method is any other approach in which you could use to trade forex news.

Every month, the choices forex market has marketplace moving news the are introduced from interest price selections, to non-farm payroll to employment quotes and many others.

When those information pop out with their figures or numbers, the foreign money market responds to those so if you like to exchange news statement, you may like to do that approach.

Timeframes: 1 minute ( however you could also use 5minutes and 15 mins as well)


Forex Indicators: None required

With this news buying and selling strategy, you wait till the choices information is announced and notice what the choices figures are. You permit the initial market response take its course but you’re looking for a sign to go into whilst the marketplace reverses briefly permitting you to get a good access.

For example, the choices Reserve financial institution of Australia pronounces an interest price boom from three to a few.25 %

The response to this kind of information will see the choices Australian greenback growing in masses of pips in mins.

But with this machine, you aren’t jumping in the preliminary rush. You also do no longer exchange the breakouts. You simply anticipate the choices rate to calm down a chunk and that’s whilst you enter.

Where to get the choices forex news and dates they may be scheduled to be launched? Over at forexfactory.

In the above chart example, observe that you would have made a purchase exchange 7 minutes later or should I say 7 candlesticks later?

The chart underneath is the choices identical setup above but considered inside the 15min timeframe.

For promote setup, its the exact opposite. Here’s an instance of a promote setup so that you get the choices idea of what I’m talking about here:

If you use the five minute or the choices 15 minute time frame to exchange the news this way, you could use buy prevent or promote prevent pending order.

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